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Spot3 Satellite Messenger

SPOT Gen 3 is a compact, rugged handheld personal tracker that supports location tracking and check-in/ok reporting as well as help and duress functions. SPOT Gen 3 is delivered complete and ready-to-go. SPOT Gen 3 uses 100% satellite technology to send your GPS locations to your immediate contacts and emergency responders.
Enhanced Tracking Options – NEW to SPOT GEN 3!
• Motion Activated Tracking:
A vibration sensor tells your SPOT to send Tracks only when
you’re moving. This is a great new battery saving feature, and
you don’t have to remember to re-set your tracking after 24
hours for Unlimited and Extreme Tracking.
• Enhanced Tracking:
Upgrades available to Unlimited or Extreme Tracking.
Choose your rate of tracking of 60, 30, 10, or 5 minutes with
Unlimited Tracking, or down to 2.5 minutes with Extreme Tracking.
Enhanced Features – NEW to SPOT GEN 3!
More Power Options.
• SPOT Gen 3 has approximately twice the battery life of
SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger
• More Battery Options:
- 4 AAA ‘off the shelf’ Lithium Batteries
- 4 AAA ‘off the shelf’ NiMH rechargeable Batteries
- Line power with a 5v USB connection. (SPOT Gen 3 is not
waterproof when line powered)
Basic Features of SPOT Gen 3
• Compact – easily carried by remote workers
• Battery powered, no external power supply required
• Supports “I’m OK” sked reports as well as SOS duress, help and custom messages
• Increased frequency of reporting while in SOS or help mode

• SIze: 87 × 65 × 25 mm
• Battery Life: up to 1250 messages
• Enclosure rating: IPX7
• Alarm Buttons: OK (sked), Custom, Help, SOS, Tracking
• Message triggers: User generated