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Thuraya SatSleeve+ & SatSleeve Hotspot


  • $869.00
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NEW SatSleeve Hotspot & SatSleeve +

The next generation of satellite adaptor for your smartphone has arrived – turn your smartphone into a satellite phone using the NEW Thuraya SatSleeve. Available in 2 different models to suit how you use your phone while outside mobile coverage areas, the new SatSleeve allows for voice calls, SMS, email and app access while you´re off the grid.


NEW SatSleeve Hotspot

Created for users preferring to use their smartphone separated from the satellite unit, the SatSleeve Hotspot gives you the range and room to move while you use your phone. The SatSleeve Hotspot sits with line of sight to the satellite (in an outside location) while you can be inside making calls, sending and receiving SMS or using satellite data for email, apps and browsing the internet.

NEW SatSleeve +

Use your smartphone when it is connected to the SatSleeve using the SatSleeve +. This SatSleeve model is similar to the previous SatSleeve for iPhone and SatSleeve for Android models, however its universal adaptor fits almost any late model smartphone between 58 and 85 mm in width.

Basic Access Plan
Connection Fee: $25.00 (once of)
Monthly Access Fee: $15.00
Calls (to AU numbers): $0.99 per minute
Text: $0.50 each
Data (up to 64k speed): $5.00 per mb

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